Modern Way Mystic: Portraits for a business concept

I am all for Natural Light Business Portraits taking the place of generic Corporate Headshots.  "Headshots" have been the golden standard, but they are SO impersonal.  I mean, in a time where we estimate that the average customer spends a minute looking over a website to decide whether to use your services or not , why not give them the REAL you?  When my client (and friend) Cindy Storman contacted me to help her represent her new business venture I was all in!  I've photographed Cindy in the past, and she is always so warm and confident in front of the camera.  It makes total sense to me that she is devoting her natural ease and warmth to her new business Modern Way Mystic with her fellow guru Hillary Skibell.   I hope these images help convey their ability to guide others in their own mystical modern way ;-P